Cartographic Services

At Cosmographics we provide a comprehensive mapping and cartographic service

Our Mapping and Cartographic Services cover multiple bases. We carry out the research and editorial work as well as the design, production and printing of your maps. We also offer many different kinds of maps from topographic maps to those needed for historical reference books, magazines and websites, for city or travel guides, thematic maps for atlases and of course, those used as personalised custom gifts or decoration within your home or office.

Quality Mapping Solutions

Cosmographics’ map design team take the utmost care and every project is discussed at length prior to development with an experienced, professional cartographer.

Project management, quality control, confidentiality and customer satisfaction procedures are an integral part of our business. We will always strive to ensure your map meets the standard you expect.

Knowing how to use data to make a map is only part of the problem, making the right editorial and selection choices, designing a map that communicates the right information to the user is essential, but often overlooked. Our expertise will ensure your mapping works and meets with your requirements.

No project is too large or too small. For larger projects Cosmographics can call on a team of experienced cartographers that can assist with all aspects of our Cartographic services and in some cases bring additional skills to the table if required. Rest assured the project management is always led by Cosmographics to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction.

Customised Maps

We have numerous map bases that can be adapted and customised to suit different needs. If you are looking for bespoke maps or customised mapping, maps designed to suit your requirements and/or you wish to licence our maps please contact us with your details and we will respond as quickly as possible with our proposal.


Correct data selection and efficient data management is critical to any mapping project. Whether you need us to create, buy in, or work with your own data sets, our experience of working with different data means we can establish what is required and design and produce your maps efficiently. We create maps for:

  • World Atlases
  • School Atlases
  • Road Atlases
  • Historical Atlases
  • Travel Guides
  • Reference Books
  • Encyclopaedias
  • Educational Books and posters
  • Children’s Books
  • Tourist Guides
  • Leisure
  • Cycle and walking maps and guides
  • City and town plans
  • Bespoke maps
  • Diary maps
  • Corporate gifts and promotions
  • Maps for exhibitions
  • Oil, Gas and Energy Industry
  • Local Government planning
  • Wall Maps (world, continental, country, cities, location maps)
  • Wine maps for books, brochures, tasting events & websites