Cosmographics is an award-winning provider of mapping services to the European and Global markets.

Cosmographics combine expert knowledge and cartographic skills to deliver the most accurate and highest quality mapping. Cosmographics are ideally positioned to undertake any mapping project in any industry, including publishing, wine, travel, education, local government, military, finance, insurance, industrial, public relations and marketing.

Cosmographics products and services include:

  • Map editorial, research and design for any application
  • Bespoke maps using our data, data bought in or supplied by the client
  • Personalised maps for schools, the home or office 
  • Customised maps for exhibitions, wallmaps, reference books, diaries, business promotions and corporate gifts
  • Satellite image database; our whole planet in true, natural colour
  • Global Digital Elevation Model; a seamless 30 and 90 metre resolution DEM of the earths surface
  • Project management for total cartographic delivery
  • Print on demand service.  Go to buy products to view and purchase our maps or send your request in for your bespoke map

Free delivery in the UK when you spend £40 or more in our map shop - use the code COSFREE

Cosmographics’ reputation in providing the most dedicated levels of customer service and highest quality end product has attracted world leaders in publishing & many other businesses across all industries requiring cartographic services. Please use this website to learn more about the company & make contact to see how we can deliver for your business.