Maps for Schools

At Cosmographics we specially design maps that are aimed at a younger audience.

We have a broad selection of world maps for ages, some designed especially for children and a range of colour-blind friendly maps. Colourful, easy to read yet informative, our wallmaps are ideal for the classroom, home, school foyer or playground. We hope you will like them as they are, but we also give you the opportunity to turn our maps a special gift and personalise by giving us your own title, name or picture to add.

You can also purchase and/or download for free a range of useful map outlines and resources.

Members of the Geographical Association get 15% discount

Here are some examples of the maps we have.


Five colourful, informative maps , UK counties, 100 places to visit, physical, travel and a satellite image map. Maps specifically designed to give as much information on the United Kingdom as simply as possible. 


Four world maps  politicalphysicalnatural hazards and a satellite map, especially designed for children/students they are colourful and easy to use. 

A range of maps for the home or classroom. Cosmographics map of the European Union clearly shows member countries with useful information on each one and also tracks the history of its membership.  


There is likely to be one child in every classroom that has a form of colourblindness. Our new range of Political maps have been specially designed to work for all. Find out more here.


Enter your school or home postcode and using Ordnance Survey mapping and we will print a map at the scale you require centred on it. We can also add your home or school address in a title, see Location centred maps.

Free delivery in the UK when you spend £50 or more - use the code COSFREE


Maps to download for free. Print and copy as many times as you like. Easy to read black and white maps designed to encourage learning. 

In addition to our free world, continental and British Isles outline maps you can download, print and copy a range of themed maps for use in the classroom. Each free map download is a set of three maps designed to engage children in learning. Themes include major cities in the British Isles, major cities of the World, continents and oceans and lines of latitude and longitude

We also have a range of map outlines that we can print at larger sizes for creative minds to colour, paint or stick on to. Purchase our colouring maps printed at various sizes and encourage creative learning in the school or at home. You can personalise too with your title of choice to make a unique gift.


New to our collection. Brilliantly designed by Peter Dobbin the Mythical Monster Map allows you to learn about the world’s astonishing-looking Monsters which are linked to country customs and stories in legends. The Monsters exhibit a variety of characteristics: from the strong but unintelligent Troll of Scandinavia to the benevolent and extremely powerful Azure Dragon of China to the beautiful, magical forest-dwelling woman Madremonte of Colombia. Behaviour varies from Monster to Monster: some are threatening, some are helpful to humans and some have magical powers. The body shape and colours and dynamic poses help to highlight the individual characteristics of each Monster.

On the larger versions of the Monster Map there is a description of each Monster’s country of origin and of their characteristics. Each creature’s description is clearly labelled with a matching silhouette to correspond with the colour illustration on the map. 

Personalised versions of the map are also available, a great gift.